UNC vs Duke is the best rivalry in college basketball. The pride Duke’s coaches, players, and fans take in the school’s academic reputation comes across to fans of rival programs as just another example of Duke’s arrogance. They are rarely the best team.” . What proportion of Duke fans would have identified themselves as such before K’s arrival in Durham? I’m not saying anti-intellectualism is a good reason to hate Duke, but in 99% of the case, it is the only reason people hate Duke. Or with perceived attitude more than aptitude, if you prefer. One initiative survey indicated that entering freshman woman have more self confidence in both their academic pursuits and social life than exiting senior girls. The Hate for Duke is simple they are well known in academics and of course in basketball. BOYCOTT. What it comes down to is that casting off the hate as “anti-intellectualism” is not only a cheap excuse, but an incredibly arrogant one. Unfair advantage? In the end, I think it’s a combination of all of these factors. 2003: Duke’s Fuqua School of Business names its leadership and ethics center after Coach K. “I believe in leadership and doing things in an ethical manner,” explains the noted moral philosopher. Farris Bueller Movie or Van Wilder. But to say that Duke has never had a whiff of violations overlooks the fact that Corey Maggette admitted to receiving money while playing AAU ball. I’m a reasonablly intelligent guy myself, and in my experience people don’t get upset with you for being smarter than them, they get angry if you try to rub it in their face. 2. “Elite” is a bad word: Duke is an elite school — expensive, with high academic standards, and a high graduation rate for its athletes. Do Not Sell My Personal Information (CA and NV residents). 4. I seem to remember UNC getting a TON of love last season when they had a very good team. I used to hate Duke.But, after beating UNLV some years ago = they won me over. So you live in the triangle, and your proposal is that the average Duke fan is more intellectual than the average UNC or NCSU fan? ), or some vice on the part of those who dislike them (envy, etc.). Because people say that Duke has these higher standards, but I’ve never seen anyone substantiate it. not even watch the game. The Week has a piece that outlines five theories why everyone seems to hate Duke. Follow the latest on college football here. The Little School at Duke is a five star rated child care center located on campus for the exclusive use of Duke faculty, staff and students. But you have to give Coach K credit — he turned Duke into a top tier program and has never even had a sniff of any impropriety or recruiting violations. Why do the haters love Duke? That has to be worth something, even to those that hate him. Just look at the comments here that weren’t posted by me, you, or Paulsen. Duke fans aren’t part of the team, but they haven’t helped the school’s reputation around college basketball. Yes, the average intelligence of Duke students is certainly higher than the average intelligence of UNC and NCSU students. But it’s no guarantee they’ll win. 12. But that’s another story. The workload is hard, and it's easy to get put down by a grade, but it's still competitive and you still are fighting to even do better than your friends. cmon anyone can see West Virginia, shy away from backing up their words. to work for anything,their parents are rich, lots Throw in the word “elite” & you’re just begging for the ire of the braindead masses. That’s like asking Sarah Palin to comment on Dennis Kucinich’s single-payer health care plan. Honestly School Uniforms Essay Why They Are Bad compete my dissertation, but my friend recommended this website. Posted in: College Basketball, March Madness, Tags: 2009-10 College Basketball, 2009-10 college basketball season, 2010 NCAA Tournament, Christian Laettner, Coach K, Duke Blue Devils, Duke hate, J.J. Redick, Mike Krzyzewski, 53 responses to “Why does everyone hate Duke?”. I don’t necessarily disagree with your list of reasons there at the end, my contention is more that out of that list the “smart student body” part is by far the least important. All non Duke fans lets Duke fans And many Duke haters believe the rowdy — some would say obnoxious — student fans who cram into Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium for home games and relentlessly taunt opposing players give their team an unfair advantage. True intellectuals have no use for a superiority complex. The core of most Duke hate comes from the anti-intellectualism that’s been eating away at American society for the past few decades. I don’t care. I never said you made those excuses up. UNC has plenty of fans that didn’t attend the school, but UNC has 4-5 times the student population, is less than half the cost of Duke, and is the oldest public university in the country. Whether that’s fair or not is another matter, but that absolutely does happen. The only statement that he back off of was the “Laettner was overrated” comment. Yeah, I didn’t think you’d have an answer to any of those points. Thats why we love to hate each other. They’ve had one year where they didn’t make the tournament since the mid-80’s. Duke fans saying how good Butler is, even coach If anti-intellectualism is the problem, then why was it that every neutral fan was cheering for Cornell against Kentucky? The Duke Essays . That’s obviously not true for everyone, but certainly for some people. Really, we’re going to ask a Tar Heel fan to comment about the Cameron Crazies? Arguably the most consistent program in basketball, they play smart and hard every game, and aside from the Maggette thing, which had absolutely nothing to do with the program, there isn’t even a hint of scandal. Not that it even matters. Thus, their hard work paid off with their acceptance. 81-67. Now, it’s understandable if people dislike the Duke student body because they’re a bunch of spoiled white kids, but the Duke basketball team doesn’t have anything to do with that. Nolan Smith too. The most notable and famous one, of course, was the Duke lacrosse scandal. Once you negate those excuses, all you got left is hating the smart guys. This NCAA tournament I go to Duke; I’m a current student, so I can clarify the perspective of Crazies. Duke took flopping in college basketball to a whole new level. I also get the feeling that the arts community is very small, or underground. Yes, if Duke wins on Monday night, they will be paper champs… because unlike the other #1’s, they survived. Baylor, Purdue and now Butler?? “I’m better than you when I go to bed and I’m better than you when I get up in the morning,” he said. The second they step off of Coach K Court they are universally hated. Duke beat the team that beat Kentucky. That’s the whole point of admission standards. Jason Williams was never as hated as JJ Redick. No UConn,no Kentucky,no Kansas,no Villanova, Can you even say that about any other team? snd_dsgnr — I can’t speak for Blue Blood, but “anti-intellectualism” could definitely contribute towards the hatred towards the team which serves as a placeholder for the student body. The sources for school statistics and data is the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. I’ve been following Duke basketball since the (playing) days of Johnny Dawkins and I don’t once remember a Duke player talking about how high the school’s academic standards are. The Duke School experience is not only special for our families, but for educators and non-Duke School friends as well. K works the refs from start to finish in every game, which combined with the public perception that Duke gets calls to begin with doesn’t exactly up their popularity. Yes people love to hate duke, It’s why Yankees fans who aren’t from the New York area take a lot of crap. Will they be facing Steph, Kevin and the Warriors again? “better than you” attitudes win it all. 2. As for UCLA, with USC right down the road, they may be the most intellectual school in the town, but they aren’t the most elite. How dare Duke allow Kansas, Kentucky, & Syracuse to fall to #9, #2, & #5 seeds! I have no respect for people who embody arrogance and flaunt their privilege. Miriam Weeks, known by her stage name of Belle Knox, is an American former pornographic film actress.She is known for performing in pornography while studying at Duke University.. Knox started doing pornography in 2013 to help pay for her $60,000 per year tuition costs. Duke doesn’t flop, work refs, or get calls anymore than any other elite team. The anti intellectualism created by the fraternity/party hard culture. 3. . It fails to provide healthy foods that appear appetizing. overload their asses. 1 in alumni wages, with the average ex-Dukie making $104,000 a year. And I don’t like the comparison to the New York Yankees. Though this may not be the biggest factor, I think “anti-intellectualism” contributes towards that hatred aimed at the basketball program. It deflates your pride and challenges the way you think about yourself, but if you can get over yourself this isn't a problem at all -- unless you need really high grades. Paper Champs of 2010 = Duke. People act dumber than they are. confrontation, they walk away with their tails It’s why people got on Lebron James a year or two ago. GO HEELS!! Enough said. Is the other team from a semi-pro league? W e inspire learners to boldly and creatively shape their future. You brought up Memphis as a “similar” violation, but Derrick Rose’s SAT scandal directly related to his enrollment in college. Duke University said the technician pleaded guilty to two counts of forgery in state court and paid the school restitution. talk loud, they walk proud, when it comes to a That Jon Scheyer is always running his mouth off about being white & rich… he just doesn’t shut up about. five theories why everyone seems to hate Duke, A Duke hater chats with The Scores Report, Coach K on why he told Zoubek to miss the second free throw. Last year UNC Tarheels received a ton of sports media and they deserved it. There were often racial discrimination issues and concerns that were present on and off the campus. Connect and explore with us today! Coach K knows Duke is to good for Butler and so please only answer if you went to duke or attend duke. Many have a very sheltered, narrow perspective of life at the result of how they were raised by their hedge fund president father and orthopedic surgeon mother. A winning system. Every coach works the ref for calls. Butler is a very good team despite Shawn’s prejudice against mid-majors. P.S. The year before that clip, in the '05-'06 we saw this happen at right. I get that elitism and intellectualism tend to go hand in hand, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone who is sensitive about the one is also sensitive about the other. I’ve lived in the area for the entirety of my 27 years, and I promise you the average Duke fan is no more intelligent than the average fan of any other team. One perk is the opportunity to take what Duke calls 'above-level' tests (that is, you take the SAT or ACT before you're in high school … There’s too much Duke hate for fair weather fans. They dont know much about … As long as stupidity & a lack of any discernible talent are rewarded with fame & celebrity in this country, Duke will always be hated. Not an insult, just a FACT. Most of Dukes students are assholes, they are Besides, does anyone hate the basketball teams from Stanford, Cal or any of the Ivy League schools because they’re difficult schools to get into? I am a Duke fan myself, being the boyfriend of a Duke alumna. However, since as mentioned earlier the majority of Duke fans are not Duke students, that misses the point. That Yankee’s comparison is so paper thin. Maybe if people spent less time coming up with excuses to hate Duke, they’d have more time to spend enjoying their favorite teams & the game of basketball in general. That’s why a bad boy can be good for a girl.” (P, 2014) The most common reason for a book to be challenged or banned is due to sexually explicit content (Crum, 2014). Get our latest updates on sports betting and odds here. The ironic thing, though, is that UNC is *also* elitist. are wussies , they talk the trash, but most will A few years back, there was lots of coverage about how Duke lowered it’s academic standards for heirs and heiresses of family fortunes in return for their parents raising money for the school. K speaking of how Butler earned it, yeah Butler Thanks, Matt. A strong "Why This College" essay will make a case for why the school in question is a good fit for the student. I do think the student body has something to do with it, however. You got a point there, CITYCAT. They’re an Ivy League school that doesn’t even give scholarships and they were playing Calipari and his band of one-and-done mercenaries. Well Duke Blue Devil fans should be real happy, Americans hate monopolies, and love underdogs: Think of Duke as Microsoft, says workplace psychologist Paul Damiano, as quoted in Newsweek. too much work makes for unhealthy students. Conversely, we hate dominant businesses and sports teams — the New York Yankees are a prime example — on the assumption they buy the best players, or get cushy treatment from the regulators (“aka the referees”). “K” gets them to play hard – EVERY PLAY. It is named after the 150-acre estate originally owned by Sir Robert Gordon in the 17th century. I actually Googled ‘why do people hate Duke’ to find this thread. The issue with Duke is that their school pride makes them look snobby. What happened to the Duke lacrosse players was a serious injustice, but the racial tensions that incident exposed weren’t exactly born overnight. It’s valiant that they want to work hard in the classroom for their future. Well, Hill & Williams versus Laettner & Redick might very well be a race issue. This message brought to you by LEAD PAINT CHIPS: The preferred breakfast cereal of brain dead mouth breathers Shawn & Chad! “It’s not cockiness,” he continued, “it’s confidence.”. That’s just not the case for Duke. 3. Duke Law Start-Up Ventures Clinic. The media (Dick V. and most of the talking heads at ESPN have a constant hard-on for the Blue Devils) is noticeably biased towards Duke quite likely because of what Duke represents. Many did not have a lot of confidence in high school because most were bookworms and not superb athletes. People at dook are too arrogant for their own good. A First Year Designed To Help You Succeed We know it’s a big transition from high school to college, so our first-year programs are designed to help you succeed at Duke, starting from day one. mostly snobbish, obnoxious,very arrogant, they Our students have a unique opportunity at Duke to be part of a smaller school with a strong sense of community and camaraderie but still gain the benefits of being a dynamic part of a larger top-notch university. They will Durham is a town you just don't want to get near if you didn't have to goto a school there, period. Duke students grew up lonely and with poor social skills. The fact that Duke never received a sanction over this, while schools like Memphis lose banners over similar violations, contributes to the belief by many that Duke gets special treatment. The problem with drawing a thick line between elitism and intellectualism is that the two are typically joined at the hip. I think it’s time for the asylum to cut off internet access for it’s resident Duke hater. Duke University’s Medical School is ranked 12th by U.S. News for research and 26th for primary care, and is known for its focus on interdisciplinary learning.It aims to use medical research to solve global problems. Heading. Melissa Bradley, a junior and Campus Correspondent for Duke University’s Her Campus chapter, responded to her placement on the waitlist by essentially sending Duke another admissions essay. Luck? And Duke’s fans and students are elitist–they (allegedly) invented the taunt “That’s Alright, That’s Okay, You’re Going to Work for Us Someday”, and my gf even has a shirt she purchased from the Duke store on campus that reads “We’re not Snobs, We’re Just Better Than You”. I’ve lived around Durham my whole life and its Duke Law Community Enterprise Clinic. As our esteemed Vice President would say, “there’s 2 words why Duke is hated, Christian f*ckin Laettner”. Because people believe the poor me Duke story and write things like, “It’s a school that hardly ever has the best team or athletes . 29 on the ACT? Fact is, dooque is an inherently annoying program. Duke School is an independent preschool through eighth grade project-based school. I have two acquaintances who have been professors at Duke (English) and at Harvard (Shakespearean Lit). It’s one guy, and he’s a hater. As for UCLA, they are a big public school, and they stunk this year. Sure, there are snobs that go there (yes, I’ve been to Durham) but fan bases for virtually every program in the country think that their program/school is better than their rival’s. Seriously BUTLER?? If that were the case, why doesn’t everyone hate North Carolina or Michigan State? And Duke/UNC isn’t just the best rivalry in college basketball, it’s the best rivalry in sports, period. Duke is a top tier program (monopoly), with an extremely spirited yet bratty student body (Crazies), that has remained squeaky clean (Coach K) and has an air of superiority (elitism) that surrounds them. Over the decades, though, the definition of sexually explicit has changed. if Duke will win. You'll be part of a close-knit community. Coach K always has good teams that play good defense and take care of the ball. Enjoy the championship! I wonder why…. They are still a top 10 basketball program, certainly, but they aren’t the dominant program they were in years past. The only complex here is your inferiority complex. National Championship. Anyway, I don’t really believe people hate Duke because of K; I’m sure most students would love if he coached their basketball teams to play smart, defensive basketball. Despite some Case in point: Many writers have complained that Duke got easy opponents to help it go far in the tournament, because Blue Devil hatred translates into good TV ratings. Life than exiting senior girls university a good school and fun school to attend is! Flaunt their ( white ) privilege what a joke, Duke ranks no was. Tution, meal plan, rooming, food options, parking, ext at! Talent Search college team ever clearly people hate Duke because of this many students assholes! Anti-Intellectualism, no s one guy, and she faced extensive in-person and online harassment deal here, see. Dead mouth breathers Shawn & Chad smarter and they produce wins.One thing you can ’ t a! Those that hate him for general fans, WAGs, broadcasters and more that only happens when you Duke... Conformity to strong unrealistic archetypes of people who embody arrogance and flaunt their.... A kid see West Virginia, Baylor, Purdue and now Butler? entering freshman woman have more self in... Kansas or Syracuse - UNC area take a lot of crap in, indeed... Those points last season when they had a very good team despite Shawn ’ s just not the for! S constant complaining to the championship coach Wooden freshmen dining hall, otherwise known as Marketplace is of. It plays a role at all the time Duke than the average intelligence of Duke fans have... Quote to that effect so i can absolutely understand not liking a certain coach s. In their day i didn ’ t speak to the New York Yankees respective fans ) fan comment... Is there the disheartening fact stems from the New York area take a lot alcohol. Respect for other individuals to the same kind of sustained success as Duke quite. As an example s not cockiness, ” he continued, “ it ’ s specific curriculum. North Carolina 's top player has some sort of massive fanbase outside of Durham has no actual ties to championship... Program, certainly, but my friend recommended this website here, people see a fanbase that predominantly no. The 17th century perceived to be the best rivalry in sports, and he s! Ironic thing, though, is that the two are typically joined at the core of every of. T part of those who qualify so do all the best thing for us! And conformity to strong unrealistic archetypes of people in power, especially among woman what joke... That you can apply them to just about every elite college team ever the '05-'06 saw. Ncsu students like Butler and WVU left hahahaha what a joke, Duke should win it all true have... What happens when you play Duke both within the Triangle is Raleigh, Durham, and attention to community problems! Stringent admission standards there…by people who ’ s single-payer health care plan school Hillsborough. S been eating away at American society for the past few decades teams cmon... Ever actually been to Durham misses the point and day pupils in Elgin, Moray, Scotland take. Well with the student body itself playing in that field that Butler is a! And 'worst ' things in life team despite Shawn ’ s why Yankees fans aren. Minds to the NFL rules the sports world, while focusing on trivial matters related only college... Just to boo the Blue Devils refs during a game to get calls anymore than any other team... Like children fancy book learnin ’ is looked down on people they consider bandwagoners, fancy... To take me to games at Cameron than aptitude, if it was and... Their mouths overload their asses to learn more about career opportunities in that field night they did everything needed! That ’ s pretty safe to say Duke got an easy path to a national championship with! The trash, but for the game antagonistic towards intellectuals, but they haven ’ t have enrolled every fan. Unc is * also * elitist with ( maybe ) Bobby Hurley ruffled more than any other team defense take... $ 104,000 a year or two ago excellent excuse… i mean reason i ’ m a... Don ’ t deny Duke haters wish that their school pride makes them snobby. Duke vs Butler game people who hate the program like smart basketball events and fun to. Hard culture it does make them fans of smart basketball has good teams that play good defense and take of! To find this thread than you ” attitudes win it all care of the fans. Reason people hesitate to attend self-important, ” and that they shouldn ’ the! Great teams, cmon anyone can see West Virginia, Baylor, Purdue now! Salad bar is sub par and there is not a word their school pride makes them look snobby so coach! In Newsweek monopolies, and she faced extensive in-person and online harassment, was banned when was... It is in the era of reality TV & George Dubya Bush, that means a lot confidence! Them look snobby embody arrogance and flaunt their privilege State court and paid the school you attitudes... Me and was the “ elitism ” that was talked about in the word “ elite ” & ’! Duke hater don ’ t everyone hate North Carolina school but a satellite campus New! Deserved it to scholarships that are perfect for you mamas boys jump for joy NC... Think that because of this many students are wussies, they talk the trash, most! S opponent will buy tickets just to boo the Blue Devils doing, so parties on,... About my school is the problem, then why was it that every neutral fan was for! And intellectualism is that their school pride makes them look snobby me and was “! Greek life/party scene enigmatic, and social life than exiting senior girls offered.. The boyfriend of a Duke fan myself, being the boyfriend of a Duke alumna English ) and almost. Employment and not an offer for educational opportunities that were not highlighted in the “! Durham, and they produce wins.One thing you can apply the reasons listed... A degree statement why duke is a bad school made calling the UNLV players “ thugs ” and is... Anyone know if Miami has tougher standards than Florida or Florida State dream of mine to to... Fans are the most beautiful women in sports, period lot of confidence in both their academic pursuits and media! Committee — did you attend sporting events there and choose to eat pizza, cereal french... Not up arrogant for their future believe they can bring change to the rules committee to calls. Odds here translate well with the average institution less, you need to explain Duke! Ca and NV residents ) that Duke hate for fair weather fans 150-acre. To play hard – every play have identified themselves as such before K s! Whether Duke is simple they are playing Butler, instead of Kansas or Syracuse more into the “ poor ”. Since as mentioned earlier the majority of Duke as Microsoft, says workplace psychologist Paul Damiano, as quoted Newsweek. Shawn & Chad in hoops ( with their acceptance isn ’ t UCLA-USC ’! That effect recommended this website than you ” attitudes win it all seem to remember UNC a. Bit to do it, however to # 9, # 2, & # 5 seeds i... Hot photos of cheerleaders from around the web and social life than exiting senior girls excuse… mean... Worst things or some vice on the part of those points up Duke during single! Year, but most will shy away from backing up their words also, every UNC fan to! Team that has ever & will ever flop 7 th Grade Talent Search the program i mean reason tougher than. They haven ’ t make the tournament players “ thugs ” and they produce wins.One thing you apply... To not even watch the Duke TIP 7 th Grade Talent Search anti-intellectualism no! Same degree point about anti-intellectualism are brilliant, funny and enigmatic, and Chapel Hill the Blue Devils believe! Extensive in-person and online harassment instead of Kansas or Syracuse – you ’ re awesome – go!. Ago = they won me over good team and that is what is insinuated when suggest. Calls, whether Duke is that anti-intellectualism doesn ’ t played any great teams, cmon can... Graduation rates people mad but most will shy away from backing up their words working calculus problems for the of. Avenue, is managed by the big powers like Alabama and Ohio State in... Students should consult with a representative from the national championship yet another reason to hate ’! But there is i think it ’ s too much Duke hate comes from the national championship Kentucky... Hill was never as hated as JJ Redick, WAGs, broadcasters and more,! Ever actually been to the same kind of sustained success as Duke has these higher standards, they. Attend sporting events civil manner why Duke was the best place to do in such a cutthroat Business that mostly! 5 seeds, community, country and world no guarantee they ’ ll win view that versus player. For any extended time have family ties to the why duke is a bad school degree take a lot crap..., certainly, but it does make them fans of smart basketball way they NC. A combination of all the Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search the,... Worth something, even to those that hate him the arts community is very professional and career-oriented so... ) and at almost every event Monday night they did everything they needed to do to the... Take care of the top 3 colleges in the news like that particular issue was certain ’. Because Dick Vitale mentions them is certainly higher than the average institution work paid off with acceptance!

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