[126][127] In 2012 the school was recognized by the Saudi Green Building Forum for being eco-friendly, and for being the first school in Saudi Arabia to adopt basic sustainability concepts. [15][111], Our Own English High School in Dubai, now exclusively for girls, had a 2014 enrollment of 10,000 and tuition that is approximately one-tenth that of GEMS World Academy (Dubai), while still maintaining academic excellence. As of 2017, GEMS had 45 schools in the United Arab Emirates,[85] including 30 in Dubai,[86] 7 in Abu Dhabi,[87] 1 in Fujairah, and 4 in Sharjah. [124][126] It contains a number of sports and recreation facilities, science and language labs, and libraries, and includes internet and technological access for each student. Sunny Varkey (born 9 April 1957) is a non-resident Indian, Dubai-based education entrepreneur and education philanthropist. Anne ne connaissait pas vraiment le Prix discerné par Varkey, comme beaucoup d’enseignants. [2] It is the largest operator of private kindergarten-to-grade-12 schools in the world, and as of 2015 had over 70 schools in over a dozen countries. In 2004, Varkey's GEMS group opened its first schools in India. Sunanda Pushkar-Wikipedia. [273][274] The school has audio and film recording studios, and a 750-seat auditorium and a planetarium were scheduled to be completed by 2017. The sports academy has been initially hosted at GEMS Wellington Academy–Silicon Oasis, and offers a two-year International Baccalaureate diploma programme with professional athletics training. [166] At that time in 2004 GEMS acquired a total of 10 schools, seven of them in northern England, from Nord Anglia, which had re-focused on its nursery-school business. In 2003, he began opening GEMS schools in England, beginning with Sherborne House in Hampshire and Bury Lawn in Milton Keynes. image caption Sunny Varkey says the lack of respect for teachers was the inspiration for the prize. [240] The combined partnership company also sponsored two new charter schools in Ohio called Believe to Achieve Academies beginning in the fall of 2012; they closed in the spring of 2014 due to inability to meet enrollment goals. Soon afterwards, he took over Sherfield School in Hampshire, and purchased another 10 schools in England, mainly in the north. Varkey returned to Dubai in 1977, and his employment included work at Standard Chartered bank, opening a small trading company and a maintenance company, becoming part owner of the Dubai Plaza Hotel, and entering the Health care industry. 'We take care of you,' says the founder of the Varkey Group, 'from the cradle to the grave.' [67], At the second annual Global Education and Skills Forum in March 2014, the foundation announced the Global Teacher Prize, a $1 million annual award to an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession, to be first presented at the third annual GESF in March 2015. In 2014, the foundation's Teacher Training Programme committed to train 250,000 teachers within 10 years in under-served communities across the world. Earnings. [23][24], In 2010 GEMS Education became an official member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) as one of WEF's Global Growth Companies. As of 2015, his elder son Dino Varkey is an Executive Director of the GEMS Education Group and a Board Member of GEMS Education; Sunny's younger son Jay Varkey is an Executive Director of the GEMS Education Group and a Board Member of GEMS Global. [98] GEMS also provides teacher training for over 70 government schools in Abu Dhabi. [265][266][270] As of 2015, it also offered French immersion courses for international students during the summer, French-immersion exchange programmes throughout the year, and summer English courses. This appointment came when Sunny Varkey sold a 20% stake in GEMS' emerging-markets business – covering the Middle East, North Africa, and East Asia – to a consortium of investors led by Fajr Capital and including Blackstone and Mumtalakat Holding Company. [8] The discovery of oil in Dubai in 1966 brought in many foreign workers to the undeveloped emirate, including many from the Indian subcontinent. [10][41][89][90], The curricula that GEMS schools in the UAE offer include:[91], With steadily rising immigration, since public schooling is only available for Emirati natives, demand for private schools in Dubai and the UAE has often outstripped supply, causing lengthy waiting lists at many schools. Dubai’s Global Teacher Prize winner, who gave 80% of salary to poor, meets Trump with Sunny Varkey. ", "Clinton opens GEMS American Academy-Abu Dhabi", "GEMS American Academy in Abu Dhabi to host basketball skills clinic with Kobe Bryant", "UAE's NBA fans meet basketball legend Kobe Bryant", "NBA star Kobe Bryant set to enthrall UAE fans", "GEMS students chosen for forensics contest", "Microsoft names GEMS Cambridge International School–Dubai as the only Global Pathfinder School in the UAE", "GEMS Education School places first for Arabic in Dubai in global language learning competition", "Registration begins for new Gems sports school", "GEMS creates UAE's first ever school of sport", "Kingdom Schools announces tie-up with GEMS Education", "Kingdom Schools - Turning around schools in Saudi Arabia", Company Overview of Kingdom Schools Company, "Eng. [5] Bill Clinton gave the inaugural keynote address. Amar Singh, Sunny Varkey at a party thrown by Sunny after his felicitation with Padma Shri Award in New Delhi. [279][280] It was the first international school in Mainland Penang. [96][97][98] In 2012 GEMS in the UAE partnered with Springside Chestnut Hill Academy in Philadelphia for a three-day Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp hosted at GEMS Wellington International School in Dubai, bringing students from around the world together to design innovative solutions to local problems, and including meetings with a variety civic leaders. [266][267][268], 2014 was the first year of GEMS operation of the school,[267] and it announced an intention to double or triple Ecole des Roches's 400-student boarding and day enrolment over five years. The academy, which covers kindergarten through high school, was the new city's first school. He is the founder and chairman of the global advisory and educational management firm GEMS Education, which is the largest operator of private kindergarten-to-grade-12 schools in the world, with a network of over 130 schools in over a dozen countries. In 1984 Varkey founded Welcare, a Health care consultancy and management venture which developed a number of hospitals and clinics. The discovery of oil in Dubai in 1966 brought in many foreign workers, including many from the Indian subcontinent; with the increased demand for an English-language education for the children of Indian expatriates, Varkey's parents founded Our Own English High School in Dubai in 1968. GEMS Education-Wikipedia [58] In the BBC News review of the report, it noted that "The study highlights that smaller class sizes or teachers' pay are not necessarily linked to better results", yet conversely "Underpaying teachers can also be seen as 'inefficient' because it is a barrier to recruiting good quality staff – with low pay contributing to Brazil and Indonesia's poor performance in these rankings. [76], Sunny Varkey is the founder of the GEMS Education Group. [155], In 2004 GEMS acquired the site for Sherfield School – the historic estate Sherfield Manor in Hampshire, set on more than 70 acres. [120][121], In 2010 GEMS took over the management of Kingdom Schools, a subsidiary of Kingdom Holding Company, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. GEMS acquired and opened schools in England beginning in 2003. [197] The school's additional sports facilities include hockey fields and basketball and tennis courts. GEMS World Academy: Meeting the Chairman, Mr Sunny Varkey We had the honour and privilege to welcome the Chairman of the GEMS Education Group, Mr Sunny Varkey and his son Jay Varkey, together with members of the senior leadership team to our school on Friday 13th of January. This year saw the first Global Teacher Prize award ceremony being beamed around the world. [112] In September 2013 the school hosted basketball star Kobe Bryant for a basketball skills clinic for selected students, as part of the Kobe Bryant Health and Fitness Weekend in the UAE, co-sponsored by GEMS Education;[113][114][115][116] In 2015 a team of three students from the school competed at New York University's annual Digital Forensics Competition, along with 11 other teams chosen from over 800 teams around the world. ", "Etoy: l’ambitieuse école privée GEMS avait vu trop grand", "L’école privée GEMS à Étoy va cesser ses activités", "GEMS cessera son activité à Etoy à la fin de l'été", "Leading French institute Ecole des Roches becomes part of GEMS family of schools", "Dans l’Eure, une école pour enfants très riches", "La prestigieuse école des Roches, de Verneuil-sur-Avre, prépare son lifting", "Élites africaines: l’École des riches, eu ... des roches! Mr Sunny Varkey’s name is synonymous with excellence in education. [275][276] According to the school it fosters leadership skills and innovative thinking;[277] an adapted Reggio Emilia approach is used for younger students,[278] and secondary-school students assist teachers with arts, drama, music, and special presentations and celebrations. [196] In 2014, a 6-lane, 400-metre tartan track was completed on the school grounds, to aid young athletes; it also allows Kenya's elite athletes to train in their speed work. [222] The school offers a global education and provides links with students around the world. [191][192][193] The school's capacity is 2,000 students, including boarders, from kindergarten through year 13. [157] GEMS started Sherfield School as a coeducational day school, and added boarding facilities in 2010 and 2015,[156][158] including residential buildings for students with autism and severe learning disabilities. It is a global advisory and educational management firm, and is the largest operator of kindergarten-to-grade-12 schools in the world, with as of 2015 a network of over 70 schools in over a dozen countries. We are honored to be involved in their projects. [194][197], In August 2015, the GEMS Cambridge International School in Nairobi launched the Lego Education Innovation Studio,[198] a $55,000 facility and program in partnership with Lego Education that teaches and strengthens Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) and literacy at all age levels, and aims to encourage critical thinking, creativity, innovation, problem-solving, and collaboration. Their son, Sunny, added a visionary’s ambition to a practitioner’s experience. Sunny believes in the power of education to reduce poverty, prejudice and conflict around the world. [11][37], GEMS has two divisions: schools and educational services. En son sunny varkey haberleri anında burada. [246][250][251] Many of the facilities were also open to the public. [173], In 2013 GEMS set up GEMS Learning Trust, an education charity with academy-sponsorship status approved by the Department for Education, and established to run no-fee free schools and academies in the UK. Le milliardaire d’origine indienne Sunny Varkey, 60 ans, a doté ce prix d’un million de dollars que le lauréat doit investir dans l’éducation. C'est un entrepreneur passionné de l'éducation qui est le moteur de la mission de GEMS de faire progresser l'éducation pour tous. Sunny Varkey, Monica Burman, VC Burman at a party thrown by Sunny Varkey after his felicitation with Padma Shri Award in New Delhi. In 2013, the Varkey Foundation helped launch the annual Global Education and Skills Forum, in partnership with UNESCO and the U.A.E. Sunny Varkey, the legal son of Mariamma and K.S. [272] All pupils up to age 11 are provided with a violin or cello, there are sound-proof studios for one-on-one music lessons, and there are also multiple orchestra groups and bands. [41][90][95] Nearly all students have continued on to university. M. Varkey croit au pouvoir de l'éducation de réduire la pauvreté, les préjugés et les conflits dans le monde entier. [5] It aims to impact 100 underprivileged children for every child enrolled in a GEMS school. [272] The school's $220-million campus was projected to be fully completed by 2017, when it would be able to take in up to 3,000 students aged three to 18. Dikshu, Arunima at a party thrown by Sunny Varkey after his felicitation with Padma Shri Award in New Delhi. Sunny Varkey . [187] It is a day and boarding facility for children from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. It is the largest operator of private kindergarten-to-grade-12 schools in the world, and as of 2014 has over 130 schools in over a dozen countries. [10][36] According to GEMS, educational quality is maintained in the budget-range schools by using high-quality teachers, by efficiency and economisation on time and space, and by capitalising on its breadth of experience: according to the company the large network of GEMS schools shares resources and information and provides training to teachers across the whole system. [89], Following its initial years catering mainly to immigrant Indian workers, GEMS grew rapidly in Dubai. Sunny Varkey. Sunny Varkey is Former Chairman/Founder at GEMS Education Solutions. He has had a keen interest in the English Language study ever since his school days and has been keeping up the spirit of learning English for a span of four decades and still continues to work hard to acquire knowledge in the functional aspects of English language. Sunny Varkey, Bill Clinton, Samsun, Çocuk, Güncel, Son Dakika. as of 1/19/21 Son of Indian expat teachers, who migrated to Dubai in 1959, Sunny Varkey controls GEMS Education, the world's largest operator of K-12 schools. "[59], The philanthropic arm of GEMS Education is the Varkey Foundation. When in 1980 local authorities insisted that his parents' Our Own English High School be housed in a purpose-built facility, Varkey took over the operation of the school, which had under 400 students at the time. [213][212][214], Also in Chicago, the company opened GEMS World Academy-Chicago in September 2014. Sunny Varkey Wiki Biography Sunny Varkey (born in 1957 in Kerala, India) is a non-resident Indian, Dubai-based education entrepreneur and education philanthropist. At a Glance. [7], GEMS Education had its roots in a family tutoring business in Dubai started by Indian-born teachers K.S. [199][200][201] The curriculum and equipment provide a hands-on learning approach to involve students in their own learning process. [57] Writing in Forbes, Michael Horn wrote that the report does not take into account the extensive after-school tutoring that most public-school students receive in South Korea, which ranked second on the list after Finland. [172] After class sizes dropped to less than half, GEMS also sold Bolitho School in Penzance in 2015; GEMS had taken over the school in 2010 when it was in receivership and when pupil numbers were already in decline. [164] The school was founded by June Hampshire in Surrey in 1928, and moved to London in 1933. [118] In 2015 the school, which follows the British curriculum, was recognized as the top school for Arabic in Dubai, in the Education Perfect global language-learning competition's second year to include Dubai. Sunny Varkey is the son of Indian expat teachers, who migrated to Dubai in 1959 and founded a private English high-school. In 2009 Manny Rivera, at the time CEO of GEMS Education Solutions and GEMS Americas, formed Global Partnership Schools with former New York City Schools Chancellor Rudy Crew. CHANGE LANGUAGE. Son Dakika Sunny Varkey Haberleri Son dakika Sunny Varkey haberlerini buradan takip edebilirsiniz. "Gems Attains 'Partner' Status with WEF". [51] Each week, the project has also brought in a role model – a successful Ghanaian woman – to speak to the students nationwide. Varkey was born in Kerala, India in 1957. It was established in 2011, taking on projects mainly in the UK, Africa, and Asia. [166][167][168], GEMS had acquired The Hampshire School, Chelsea from Nord Anglia Education. "Dubai is a place where, depending on your financial resources, you can choose a school model. Sunny Varkey, Founder and Chairman, GEMS Education, said: “We have a long and close partnership with Dubai Cares and fully support the work carried out by the organization which was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2007. Afficher les profils des personnes qui s’appellent Sunny Varkey. [11][13][19] The company states that GEMS aims to equip children to live in a multicultural environment, and stresses the importance of giving back to others both locally and globally. [79] C. N. Radhakrishnan is Senior Executive Director, Head of Chairman's Office, and a Board Member of GEMS Education. Sunny Varkey a été nommé Ambassadeur de bonne volonté de l'UNESCO pour les partenariats dans le domaine de l’éducation en avril 2012, en reconnaissance de sa contribution à la création de partenariats public-privé innovants pour assurer une éducation de qualité aux enfants défavorisés du monde entier. [45], In Ghana, GEMS Education Solutions implemented MGCubed – Making Ghana Girls Great – which equips two classrooms in each Ghanaian primary school with a computer, projector, satellite modem, and solar panels, creating an interactive distance-learning platform to deliver both formal in-school teaching and informal after-school training. Sunny Varkey's party Photogallery at ETimes [117], In 2012 Cambridge International School, Dubai was the only school in the UAE to be named by Microsoft as one of the Innovative Pathfinder Schools from around the world. Varkey Group is the umbrella organisation covering GEMS Education and Varkey's other businesses, including Health care and, previously, construction. [39][40] It works with governments and non-profits, and public and private clients. [183] It offers a dual curriculum of either Indian (CBSE) or British (CIE) options. Mr Varkey’s parents, both teachers, arrived in Dubai in 1959 from India to seek a better life for their family and what they found was a real need to educate children arriving in the city from around the world. [185][186], GEMS Modern Academy in Gurgaon in the New Delhi area opened in 2014. [3], The Varkey Foundation, formerly known as the Varkey GEMS Foundation,[4] is the philanthropic arm of GEMS Education. [25] In 2012, it became a Global Growth Company 'Partner', entitling it to attend the World Economic Forum's flagship annual meeting in Davos. The school is located in Al Wakrah, and offers an American curriculum based around the United States Common Core State Standards, while according to GEMS still valuing the Islamic faith and Qatar's language, traditions, history, and culture. [163], In 2004 GEMS also acquired The Hampshire School, Chelsea in Chelsea, London. [279] Facilities include a theatre, music and art rooms, a dance studio, sport halls, a football field, swimming pools, and basketball courts. « C’est le directeur d’une école sur laquelle j’interviens, David Barquero, qui m’a inscrite à ce concours. He pursued his A-Levels at Bembridge School in the UK for a year, and completed his A-Levels in Dubai at the British Council. [259][260] The top-tier school, for students age 6 to 19, caters to a clientele from over 100 countries. [202], GEMS Cambridge International School in Uganda opened in September 2013, in the Ugandan capital city of Kampala. [237] Results, as with many SIG recipients from 2010–2012, were mixed;[238][237][239] in August 2012 the company declined to renew its contract with one school district. Most of its schools in the UK are independent coeducational day schools. Press release. [18] In 2003, he began opening GEMS schools in England, beginning with Sherborne House in Hampshire and Bury Lawn in Milton Keynes. In September 2011, a further $1 million was pledged with UNESCO to train 10,000 school principals in India, Ghana, and Kenya. His Father worked for British Bank of the Middle East, and both of his parents taught English to local Arabs, including members of the royal family. – Mr Sunny Varkey. [129][130] Its new facilities, curriculum, and library featured electronic devices and accessibility, with an English language center for improving English skills. [1][2][22] Its two schools in the U.S. are in Chicago: a pre-school, and the pre-school through elementary school GEMS World Academy-Chicago, which opened in 2014 to eventually extend through grade 12. [273], According to the school it focuses on all-round development, including language development and commitment to community and service. Mr. Varkey serves as a Member of the Healthcare and Education Advisory Board of Gulf Capital.An out-of-the-box thinker, Mr. Varkey has brought a new dimension to private education. [279][280] It also accommodates the Malaysian Education Ministry guidelines and teaches Malaysian language, Mandarin, Malaysian social studies, and Islamic and moral studies. [146] In 2005, parents complained publicly following the departure of the fourth head teacher in two years; some parents had also objected to the increase in class sizes from 18 to 24 after GEMS acquired the school. The family moved to Dubai in 1959, when the emirate was still very undeveloped. [207] The school's sports facilities also provide training grounds for a variety of national sports teams and hosting grounds for competitions. [149][160] It includes extensive sports grounds, facilities, and training;[156] dance training;[161] and an art gallery and artist-in-residence. [175][178] Its Didcot Primary Academy, for nursery to age 11, opened in September 2016 in Didcot, Oxfordshire in a new development designed to accommodate the town's expanding population. Sunny Varkey is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the GEMS Education Group. Sunny Varkey est le fondateur et président exécutif du groupe GEMS Education. [131], In Egypt, GEMS opened Windrose Academy in Cairo in 2013, offering a blended curriculum focused on the National Curriculum of England. [94], GEMS UAE has promoted innovation in the UAE and elsewhere. [14][21] GEMS subsequently opened schools in Africa, Southeast Asia, the U.S., and Europe. [151][152] In 2014 Webber Independent was academically the best-performing school in Milton Keynes in GCSEs,[153] and in 2015 it increased its scores despite nationwide downward trends in GCSE results. [156][157] The site had previously been a girls' boarding school, North Foreland Lodge, since 1947.

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