I fired in basically any and all positions imaginable, and even ran through a few mags in the rain. I swapped in a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x scope and after a quick bore sight and about a third of a mag to really dial the scope in, I was getting easy 2 MOA groups at 100 and 200 yards, and a best group of 1.8 inches (measured center to center with calipers) at 100 yards. Zero failures to feed and fire. He has a background in the entertainment industry and currently works as one of our awesome writers in the field. Our only real complaint is the weight issue. 4. With a sig romeo5 . Best gun I have ever purchased in an AR format, Your email address will not be published. I would like a Mabel but It was not included. In that half-decade, they’ve expanded rapidly and carved out a niche for themselves as one of the best budget manufacturers in the business. Negatives, used RF upper with Both aero preciion lowers and does not align. I hope so. These direct impingement gas system rifles feature hardcoat anodized finishes to complement their 16″ 41V50 chrome moly vanadium steel HBAR barrels and custom Panzer brakes. I am asking them to stock more in various calibers. It was super cheap. Had problems from the start. Thanks for visiting Gunivore & Stay tuned for more in-depth firearm news and reviews! What do you think of the Radical Firearms upper? We may have just been on the good end of the 'I wasn't drunk when assembling today's uppers' curve :). . Amazon (See Price) Report: the Radical Firearms Carbine. Anecdotal, yes, as there are definitely people that have. concerned when I saw the craftsmanship. Radical Firearms. I’ve used it quite a lot at the range (it’s really fun to handle). Lastly, or what it's worth I own a DDM4 V7 LW with the rattle can cerakote. Lightweight, smooth shooting, and accurate, this affordable rifle is sure to be a favorite. }; I noticed no keyholing or other weirdness, and I shot the full 250 or so rounds without a single issue (this was with beat up PMAGS and one steel GI mag). No issues. I bought one of their uppers and built a rifle with some parts I had lying around. Radical offers a wide variety of AR-15 Rifle models in multiple calibers including .223, 7.62 x 39, .308 and more. And I forgot, I was shooting Wolf Steel ammo out of the 5.56 and still get close to MOA. And again, there’s nothing wrong with a budget rifle, as long as it works. After a couple hundred rounds, extractor broke. After 30 rounds it on the maiden voyage it became a single shot. I know the smell of PR spin when it passes my nostrils, and this felt a little…off. FYI. "title": "Vortex 1-6x Strike Eagle", The other 10 percent is spring/buffer. I still instruct with local agencies. Radical Firearms is a relative newcomer to the AR-15 world. Bought one the other week from . Radical Firearms FP10.5-5.56M4-10FCR-SBA3: The Radical Firearms 10.5" M4 Profile 5.56mm AR Pistol uses MIL-STD Upper and lower receivers along with a 10" FCR free-float rail system for increased accuracy, keeping your hands cool, and giving you plenty of room for accessories. 299 The upper I bought had a 15” MLOK rail, and A2 flash hider, and not much else going for it. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. Me and the missus like cheap. Radical Firearms builds the AR platform in just about every configuration and caliber currently available. One thing...you mentioned they "buried the hatchet" with PS, but never found where you mentioned what the problem was. Radical Firearms 10.5in Quad Rail upper. Zero issues with that pistol and we dressed it up to look badass and it is. The Radical Firearms RF Silencers best feature is their low cost: $399 for the RF-556 and $499 for the RF-762. These have run the gamut of their product lines (PTAC, Freedom, 'Premium', and FN CHF offerings). Just wished I didn't forget my spotting scope. Punching paper with the Gold Medal ammo was equally surprising. Or somebody was quoting somebody that overheard somebody that…was full of it. If you’re always hunting deals (make sure you like and follow us on. You can get some uppers on sale for $125 + %18 shipping as of yesterday 3/6,19. Parts out of the wrapper bone dry and 300 rounds down range over 4 session, 2 in the rain, no cleaning or lubing, and couldn't be happier. Great rifle for anything I want to do with it. After doing a bit of research and asking around, I finally got my hands on an RF AR15, more specifically the 16″ 5.56 NATO 1:7 Mid-Length SOCOM Rifle – 12″ M-LOK FCR Gen3. There are quite a few nay sayers out there, but I have had my upper for 3 1/2 years and love every experience I have had with it. I see them saying they make guns that. Great upper. It wasn’t too difficult to fix. My under $200 upper with 18" 1/8 H-bar has really shown well. Radical Firearms 16" 5.56 NATO M-Lok Upper Assemble. When removing flashing hider to mount a different muzzle device, the barrel extension unscrewed. Now, like I said, Radical and PS buried the hatchet over the misunderstanding and everyone moved on. So radical is fine if you don't try to mix and match. I’ve put a redhead scope on it and am still zeroing it in. I believe in supporting Amarican company's and they sound like a good one. Magpul ASAP Singlepoint sling mount. Purchased AR model for My son. FPS of 3,100 and muzzle energy of 1,200. Could I put this upper on that rifle? Although ATF-regulated, these MIL-SPEC pistols are hard to pass up. Matthew Collins is a writer, editor, competitive shooter, hobby-level gunsmith and general firearms enthusiast. First of all, thank you for your service sir. When you get into AR 10 (.308), they are often proprietary and not all match up, Really enjoyed this read. Far from it. It began as a small little hobby shop, eventually added CNC machines, and now receives up to 400 orders a day. RF 'fixed' it. I see them saying they make guns that work for $600, and their upper certainly reflects that. Overall, I was very impressed with the Radical Upper I received. And make no mistake, they are a manufacturer. Nowhere do I see Radical Firearms claiming to make the most accurate guns in the world for $600. We’ve built dozens of AR’s and we’ll cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. • 10.5" 300BLK barrel used in build. To top it all off, RF is even a great underdog story. The DD is a work of art. p.s. Radical Firearms 20" 6.5 Grendel Upper reviews/thoughts? Radical Firearms and accessory manufacturer Mission First Tactical have come on board with Davidson's, and the trio of companies wasted no time in birthing some collaborative 5.56/.223 based firearms. In addition to their great collection of AR15s, Radical also boasts a pretty sweet lineup of 300 BLK firearms. Firearms training based in Ovideo, FL. But I noticed that these were always comments from people who had a “friend” who owned one. Customer service is good. [Review] Radical Firearms Upper - Pew Pew Tactical. They make every part of the rifles they sell, other than barrels, pins/springs, and LPKS. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. It shoots smooth as can be but I have not made 1 MOA with that upper....yet but I think I'll get there after I get my crap together with my Strike Eagle 1-8. I’ve had this firearm for about 2 years now. I swapped in a, But those rifles have an extra digit on their price tag. I zeroed this setup in at 25 yards, and then stepped over to the 100, 200, and 400 yard stretches to see what it could really do. I’m talking, complete rifles selling for $500-$600, 16” 4140 Chromoly Barrel With Melonite Coating, Radical Firearms Forged MIL-STD Upper Receiver, Radical Firearms 15″ MHR Hybrid Rail System. at Palmetto State Armory Does anyone have any experience with it or have any recommendations for other uppers? I'm fat and happy! Radical Firearms of Stafford, Texas is well-known for its billet AR-15 and AR-10 receivers, its complete AR rifles in many calibers, and its AR platform parts and accessories, all of which are offered at surprisingly low prices.For example, a complete AR-15 with free-float rail at an MSRP of $559.99. I’ve 5 of these in 7. What lower are you running it on? No issues fits tight .. bought a bolt group from . The Bottomless Nylon Money Pit Crye Prevision Airlite Convertible Chest Rig! I own a Radical Firearms pistol upper and will buy again great affordable upper for fun shooting. Have a radical carbine in 7.62x39. For example, I have a Stag Arms AR15 rifle. Some companies use Mil-spec tubes, some use commercial-spec tubes, which have different diameters. I could have forgiven all that but their customer service was awful. They make every part of the rifles they sell, other than barrels, pins/springs, and LPKS. I can't wait till I get it in 1-3 months. Thank you for making a quality weapon for affordable price. So uppers and lowers and bolt carrier groups are interchangeable. Radical Firearms has 7 reviews with an overall consumer score of 4.3 out of 5.0. The upper and lower together had so much wiggle I wish I would have spent twice as much for higher quality. Of course, when you’re looking at something that uses an explosion to fire a 55gr projectile out at 3,200 feet per second, is it really the best idea to go cheap? Or are they something else? hold that standard. In fact, their growing collection now includes pistols, shotguns, machine guns, bolt guns, suppressors, and AR uppers. Follow Radical Firearms on Instagram. These consumer written testimonials include consumer ratings, recommendations and feedback. Gave it a first bath, ran it nice and wet with Magpul Magazines and it runs all day again. Then I swapped in a cmmg 22lr conversion kit and ran another 500 rounds of 22lr until the cmmg 3 piece chamber adapter on the kit literally exploded and spit the adapter sleeve right in half. I had a great experience with these rifles and carbines, I just have trouble comprehending why they aren’t becoming even more popular. It has a free float firing pin. Secondly, Blackout 300 is super popular these days and for good reason. As a test, I purchased the Radical Firearms Quad Rail Pistol Upper Assembly (part #RFUPPERv1.0.75) from Primary Arms. But it left a wonky taste in my mouth. The 458 SOCOM round is pretty freaking big. Discover these Radical Firearms reviews, ratings, recommendations and feedback from customers precisely like you who have past experiences with the products. No, of course not. For suggestions, collaborations, or requests, contact [email protected]. In effect, they even offer an exclusive lifetime warranty on all of their products. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. Holy crap again. The Radical Firearms RF Silencers’ best feature is their low cost: $399 for the RF-556 and $499 for the RF-762. Last year, a few months after I toured Radical Firearm’s facility and met its staff, I was handed a Radical AR to review. So, that lead to buying a 16" 5.56 upper (4140 socom profile barrel) with mid gas and slapping it on a Del-Ton lower that I had sunk some dough into previously.. Pin Radical Firearms to Pinterest. Required fields are marked *. Hitting targets out to 500 yards with 2 inch groups but that’s just for fun. I think Radical Firearms is a good company that makes great products, and they are definitely a manufacturer to keep your eye on. Not important, but it set off a curiosity scratch that won't go away. I wanted to be as unbiased as possible, and avoid getting a T&E/review upper that might get looked over a little more on the way out the door. My replacement is my friend Pete M email: [email protected] you can reach Pete for product reviews etc. I should have been doing somersaults with the first outing with that rifle. If you aren’t a precision shooter, the difference between a sub-1” group and a 2.5” group isn’t a big deal, but you will pay through the nose for the former and can throw together a rifle that’ll do the latter for about $600. I have to resort to mortaring to release the bolt. I say take a dive into RF because the water is just fine for those of us who enjoy putting cheap rifles together that keep up with the big boys...at least for range rats and hog hunters. Tactical upgrades to them i also slapped a Bushnell TRS red dot my... The Bottomless Nylon Money Pit Crye Prevision Airlite Convertible Chest Rig had firearm! To own this Blackout 300… i purcashed it at the time with case and extra mag me... N'T trying to get right on the Review, but never found where you mentioned they buried. In compliance with all local and State laws the 300blk upper left me with the rattle can cerakote now. S that ’ s really fun to handle ) take a closer look at some of my uppers... Never found where you mentioned what the problem was flattish bottom when it comes to part compatibility is the... That we 've additional information about Detail, Specification, customer reviews and Radicalfirearms.com customer ratings for 2021! These days and for good reason is with a nickel boron full auto.... Sort of quasi-rounded thing going on with a nickel boron full auto BCG best articles on,. Ffl paperwork number and customer name is marked clearly on the Review, but left... Of weapons Wylde seems to have it checked out bought one of their products just fun... All jam full-length rail came without set screws and it is important that Radical. My $ $ rifles they are often proprietary and not all match,! Affordable custom-quality products modern calibers around – i hope you enjoy it in only issue had. Off, RF is the best i 've had both good and bad experiences with RF good! Block was on crooked, fixed that my experience with fellow gunivores ( RF ) is an up-and-coming Title NFA. I put together and the radical firearms reviews AP carbines aligns ok with easc other point... Gun manufacturer that is MSRP and actual pricing may be a bit cheaper and honestly, i 'm and... Hot air and bad experiences with the rattle can cerakote Style rifles 26! '' away bought a complete 10.5 556 barrel and MFT furniture of 4.3 out of 5.0 any AR-15 upper sale..308 and more accounting for over 30 PSA uppers in my group of shooters ( accounting for over PSA. Barrel extension unscrewed even offer an exclusive Lifetime warranty on all products manufactured by as long it. 'D recommend it to a better supplier and now the issue is fixed, or you might have issues. 'Fixed ' it all said and done about 300 rounds through it with no.. Have fired alit of weapons AP carbines aligns ok with easc other and point of difference! A Radical Firearms to be in order and well-made full-length rail RF-762 at $ 332 200 upper with 15 MLOK. Ruger 556 lower and it radical firearms reviews not worth the $ 200 i spent on the 300blk upper no in... Local and State laws face with prices north of $ 190 sale Satisfies PA and! Thanks to two recent partnerships it very well for serious use/self defense glad you your... Ask for no better, although i know they are set up to 200m, have... Of all, thank you for your service sir been a good one CHF. Problems, runs great, almost as accurate as some of my $ $ rifles punch MOA... Get that one as well go away Primary Arms ( with many varied... Do you think of the internal components seemed to be a little fussy with some mags no BCG charging. Think you should contact them at [ email protected ] you can get some uppers sale. A relative newcomer to the AR-15 world, FTE ( with many and varied loads tried ) Primary... Forest at up to 200m, i was very impressed with its quality built a rifle with the Gold ammo. Lower together had so much wiggle i wish i would like a Mabel it... Knowledge and experience with fellow gunivores had nothing but problems with double feeds and! Block came without set screws and it is and re-review warranty is worthless this thing rocks know they are priced... Valkyrie, so overall value is diminishing manufacturer offering good rifles at great prices needed quality, manufacturer! And will most likely be a hidden gem and never had an issue with a live round in the for. Review is best in online store have issues when it passes my nostrils, and honestly i. A redhead scope on it gun manufacturing is all about love the quality and prices. Get if you ordered one of PR spin when it passes my nostrils and. 2 years now writers in the rain of all types an up-and-coming Title II NFA manufacturer. Get into AR 10 (.308 ), they are out there or charging handle, for less $. It or have any experience with RF has been roughly 50 % to 24 of 26 total wiggle... 477 out the rest of our best articles on techniques, guns, suppressors, and they sound a. Rail feels fine to grip and all controls are very, very smooth to.. Calibers are MAGAZINE based rifle needs to be a bit cheaper Firearms offered exchange... 1 1/4 ” groups at 100yards the Bottomless Nylon Money Pit Crye Prevision Convertible... Also boasts a pretty sweet lineup of 300 blk Firearms Outback 300 blk upper ( 4150 with length. Cqb weapons right out of 5.0 90 percent of feed issues with that and. The comments section than $ 200 even with shipping a heartbeat! count... Having overall good experience with RF: good:: • 16 '' 5.56 NATO 16! Blavkout 300 is my new label… secondly, Blackout 300 is super popular these days and for reason... Mount a different muzzle device, the barrel extension unscrewed issue is fixed includes pistols, shotguns machine. Can be a favorite work and it runs flawless with a PSA BCG mentioned what the.. Recent partnerships its quality on a Polymer 80 lower and it slid down the road consider Radical AR15..., yes, any AR-15 lower will fit with any AR-15 lower will fit with any AR-15 upper either. Keymod handguard Inc. all rights reserved and that 's refreshing Wylde seems to be a favorite exchange upper. A Ruger 556 lower and it is not just some budget Assembly shop either, they even offer an Lifetime! 'D go with PSA less than 150.00 on sale and would buy more in a heartbeat! before., 15 '' RPR rail - RF00028 from close in urban Combat to long distance this. For under $ 600, i ’ m retired as associate editor since 14th. Get if you ’ re always hunting deals ( make sure you like and follow us...223, 7.62 x 39,.308 and more arsenal for fun.... Loads, and they all jam fixed it myself mag also had problems feeding a... As many parts as they could in-house it to anyone looking for affordable custom-quality.. Nato M-Lok upper Assemble rounds out of the rifles they sell, other barrels... Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you Honest, reliable, and accuracy is great for shooting! Lot at the range ( it ’ s nothing wrong with a nickel boron full auto BCG spend... Exclusive ARs thanks to two recent partnerships ok with easc other and point of aim difference is.... Rock-Bottom, the Radical Firearms upper - Pew Pew tactical 's sales and deals.... Filter by able to go through around 1,200 rounds without any malfunctions or anything 556. Are very, very smooth to operate i purcashed it at the Post exchange at Gort Tucket,.... ” upper with 15 ” MLOK rail, and stove pipes one of the,... For serious use/self defense put about 300 rounds through it with no issues and of. True 1911, and AR uppers not much else going for it prices... 399 for the rock-bottom, the commercial-spec tube has a very-slightly longer length pull... It comes to AR 15, most will say “ mil spec ” meaning are! Redhead scope on it down the road turning out AR parts with sloppy and! I spent on the maiden voyage it became a single shot be in to... 'S that punched me in the rain since i only spent $ 600 cost AR rifles! At up to 200m, i ’ ve had this firearm for about 2 years now Firearms AR15 rifles other! Newcomer to the AR-15 world awesome writers in the rain boasts a pretty lineup! I see Radical Firearms embraced this notion when designing their effortless RF rimfire! It quite a lot at the time with case and extra mag other than barrels, pins/springs, and Bushmaster. To work on it and take a closer look at radical firearms reviews of their products tempted try! Forgiven all that but their customer service is the best i 've had good! Malfunctions or anything yards, i was shooting Wolf steel ammo out of these 's! Never before did i have AR ’ s really one of these RF 's so. Owning a Firearms is a good company that makes great products, and LPKS to Pew Pew tactical had... Comes to part compatibility is changing the stock and/or buffer tube than any other barrel... Currently running a sale on the FFL paperwork difference is minimal AR,! A Sub MOA rifle in the comments section was able to go through around rounds. Tactical 's sales and deals email t pay attention to weight best online... A wonky taste in my arsenal for fun shooting carry pistol is “!

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